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Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

For those who don’t know me, my name is Vitalie Ciubotaru and welcome to my blog.

I post about my hobbies, primarily computers, gardening and a bit of economics. I know this is an unusual combination, and it is unlikely to get much attention, if at all. However, as I don’t aim for much attention, I feel free to write whatever I want (including all those boring memos I don’t want to keep my mind), and whenever I want (which means seldom, rather then often).

The current state of Share-on-Diaspora plugin

Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

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Here is an update on what changed in the plugin codebase since my last post.

As of this writing latest stable version has just reached 0.5.7 (this time last year it was 0.4.1). During this year a number of major improvements were made. First of all, with the help of Diaspora enthusiasts the plugin was translated into Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish and French. Now it is possible to use a custom image as a share button. The blog owners can add their own pods to the list. The list of active pods is synced with data provided by

Some more ideas are brewing and will probably be included in the forthcoming version 0.6.0:

  • Button presets — a number of predefined designs (shapes and colors) of the ‘share’ button for blog admins to choose from.
  • More ‘magic’ in button customization, like a visual color picker and live prevew.

Special thanks go to all people who helped localize the plugin: Vostok (Brazilian Portuguese), Andrew Kurtis and David Charte (Spanish), Sandro Kensan (Italian), Borisa Djuraskovic (Serbo-Croatian), Stef20 and Se7h (French)!