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Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

From the CIS Assessment website (link):

Most people have experienced discrimination in one way or another. Some people are more
likely to suffer discrimination. These people might be: older people, young people, females,
disabled people, homosexuals, lesbians, transgender people and ethnic minorities

Wait, who’s left? Who’s less likely to be discriminated? Let’s see… Apparently it’s healthy heterosexual mid-aged males belonging to the ethnic majority. Not too much really. Why do all the other groups care about them? Or do these groups discriminate against each other too?

Idea: Online database of stolen bicycles

Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

About a year ago somebody “borrowed” my bicycle and forgot to return it. I was sort of insured by — in case of a theft I was entitled to buy a new one from the same seller with a huge discount. All I needed for this was to prove that it had actually been stolen. So I had to report the theft to the police, wait (ten days or two weeks, I don’t remember), have them issue a certificate and take it to the bicycle shop. (more…)

Idea: anonymous community

Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

From time to time I read about anonymous boards, sorta open-entry communities, formed around some phenomenon. The first example of such board is, of course, 4chan (no, I never read it — the “of course” is solely due to the large number of references to that particular website). As far as I know, anyone can post there and no registration/authorization is required. Very impressive, but… (more…)