After announcing the Share on Diaspora plugin on, I received a comment from Marc Jay Cobbs who “managed to save a wrong pod URL”, which renders the button unusable. Because I did not read carefully the javascript function that saves URLs (I reused it from another button), my answer was misleading. Time to correct the errors.

The button can lock the user into resharing to one single Diaspora pod. The lock is pretty strong — instead of saving the preferred pod into a cookie, it saves it into a localStorage object, which proved to be very difficult to get rid of. It might be better to save it into a cookie, but I decided against this “functionality”, so I’ll be removing it in future releases.

In the meantime I wrote a little tool to inspect (and delete!) the localStorage objects. Apparently, there’s nothing like this available, or at least nothing I could find. It’s in my GitHub repo, feel free to use it: It’s very easy to use: save the file somewhere, open it with your browser and delete the unnecessary objects.

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