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Building a case for my mini-ITX board (2)

Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

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After a year of planning I have finally made up my mind and made a case for my computer.

Because I have neither tools, nor experience in building computer cases, I had to renounce to such materials like aluminum (the case would have been much more robust if I used it), or acrylic glass (would have looked much better), and stopped at plastic — easy to cut, easy to glue, and simply easy. Here is the final result:



Since it’s an Atom-based board, it does not require active ventilation. The board is fan-less, but the fan from the power supply unit is located right above the CPU heatsink and sucks the hot air from around the CPU. Besides this, walls are missing in two of the six sides of my case, so I believe the board has sufficient air flow.