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In all games, player “races” have names and these names are somehow suggestive of the race traits (strength, aggressiveness etc.). Thus my plants should have names and these names should reflect their traits.

Plants have too many features, so making up a full set of real plants which would reflect all possible combinations of these features is way too much for now. I will start with a couple of traits and match them with broad groups of plans.

* Longevity — annuals, biennials and perennials (a plant “year” or “season” will correspond to a real-life week or two).
* Speed of propagation — low (shoots/runners/rhyzomes/bulbs, with high resistance and high survival rates), high (seeds/spores, with low protection and low survival rates)
* ?

* Palms (Arecaceae or Palmae) family — perennial, high temp/sunlight, high humidity, any soil, evergreen, seeds (few, high survival), no shoots.
* Bamboo — kinda perennial, lots of shoots, all plantation blooms once and dies out.
* Araceae —

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