Every working day I leave my lab at about 5pm and head for kinderkarten to pick up my kid. Each time, I leave with a strong intension to return later and stay until late. However, after I reach home, my plans often change — I feel tired, or it rains outside, or there’s something to do at home etc. — and I do not return to the lab. A typical example of dyniamic inconsistency.

When I leave the lab, I know that I might not be willing to return until next day, so I try to “commit” myself somehow. For example, I leave my computer turned on and waiting for me to return. Mind you, it’s not idling — it’s usually left to do distributed computing for the folding@Home project. Thus, every time I have a incentive to be back soon.

Teoretically, voluntarily constraining oneself’s choices is not an optimal solution, but what is?

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