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There should be some limit as to the plant size:

  • Plant growth depends on resources aquired (production function :-) — better roots and leaves mean quicker growth
  • Resources depend on resource endowment in each particular cell
  • Plant growth is limited by cell size — the larger the plant is (relative to the cell size), the slower it can grow, other things equal

There should be some limit on the age:

  • Death is not immediate, it’s the last phase in the plant life and it takes some time (more or less fixed), after which plant disappears
  • Death phase is triggered randomly after age t1. The probability of “death” linearly increases with age and reaches 100% at age t2. Well, death should be predetermined (so as not to roll the dice every time), but should be kept secret from the player.
  • Mmm … can attacks trigger death or they just hinder growth and proliferation?

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