In my previous post about worms I wrote that most of them had died and promised to start again.

I didn’t buy any new worms, nor did I try to save the ones who survived that terribly hot summer. I new there were some worms in my flower pots, so I could screen all soil in my pots, collect most of the worms and even some cocoons, and start a new wormbin. However doing so meant disturbing my plants and spending a lot of time digging in the mud. I had no desire for either so I just left things the way they were and kept on with my usual gardening (gotta post some pictures of tomatoes I grew last summer). Keeping in mind that there must be someone alive in my pots, I protected them from winter frosts, and that was probably the only care they received.

Recently (end of March to early April) I started thinking of a wormbin again. However, instead of having a separate bin for worms only I decided to further keep them in my flower pots (two of them proved to be “inhabited” to some extent). My plan is to grow plants and keep worms in the same pots. If they multiply, I’ll move them into a separate bin, but so far I’ll be feeding them banana peels and other soft wastes and watching how things go.

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