In all social games that I know of, game character is directly linked to a human player. So if the game is over, the character disappears and the player has to register again.

It would be interesting to see a game where the player does not create its character, but is given a “soul” instead. That soul would inhabit a character and the player would run that character for an arbitrary, but surely limited, period of time (character’s “life”). After the character “dies”, the player is free to choose whether he/she wants to play another life (be “born” into another character), take a break, or quit playing altogether. Similarly, while running a character, the player could stop playing (stop entering the game, which would be considered a “seclusion” from society), or could even decide to destroy the character (“suicide”) without loosing control of the “soul”.

Keywords: browser game, social game, MMORG, game idea

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