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A[nother] strange idea: browser game

Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

I know that it takes time and skills and patience to create a browser game, so this “project” will probably stop long before I get anything to present, but… Well, who knows.

General description: A browser-based, real-time economic, political and military game emulating … plants.

Player types: Human and probably computer (bots). Human characters will have human-managed and autopilot regimes.

Grid: I want it fancy, so let it be hex. One cell is owned by one player and inhabited by one plant.

Players: A player is associated with one species of plants, with several features like speed of propagation, sunlight/temperature, humidity and soil requirements, resistance to attacks, strength in attack. The players species will grow within the cell, and propagate by occupying other cells. One player can own many plants (thus controlling many cells), all belonging to the same species.


  • shoots/runners/rhyzomes/bulbs (the basic method) — few, only adjacent cells (that’s why I want hex), high probability of success
  • seeds/spores — many, random location (?) possibly far from original plant, low probability of germination
  • others — maybe division of the mother plant, or parasitism, or?

Units and associations:

  • one plant
  • plantation (another term?) — all plants of one player
  • symbiosis — several plants of different species (adjacent cells only?)
  • biocenosis — several plantations (regardless of specie)

Attack on other plants:

  • steeling water/minerals — developing long roots and spreading them under neighbouring plants; slows or stops development of the drained plant
  • shadowing — developing large leaves and placing them over neighbouring plants, harms and destroys the shadowed plant


  • large bulbs
  • think trunk
  • etc.

Finally, game objective (victory criteria): err … I donno :-)

* * *

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A game idea: reincarnation

Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

In all social games that I know of, game character is directly linked to a human player. So if the game is over, the character disappears and the player has to register again.

It would be interesting to see a game where the player does not create its character, but is given a “soul” instead. (more…)