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Worms update

Posted by Vitalie Ciubotaru

There’s no special reason to write about the worms today, it’s just a summary of what happened so far.

I kept the bin indoors until around mid-March, after which it was relocated to our small balcony. The move is permanent, except for a couple of times, when the night temperatures were going down too much. I was not sure which of the two evils — spending a cold night outside or being disturbed — is worse, but I thought that disturbing them will have only temporary effects — well, some of them would want to roam, so what? –, while a frost might have permanent — and lethal — effects, so I decided to move them indoors.

In April I finally “harvested” vermicompost. By that time I got used to the idea that I wasn’t going to see anything close to homogeneous and well-structured matter they sell in garden shops. What I obtained was exactly up to my expectations: most of the staff was decomposed and it was impossible to guess what each piece used to be before it got into the bin. I took away about half of the bin content [which shrank considerably compared to the volume of foodscraps] and put it outside for drying. It was somewhat smelly, but after drying the smell mostly disappeared. To get rid of the smell — and to get some use of my compost! — I added it atop of my flower pots.

to be continued