1. Local network. Finaly, I managed to hunt down the problem with internet access sharing between my computers. As I knew it was not because of the firewall. However, it was the firewall that gave me the clue: during boot-time it always complained about not finding some kernel modules related to connection tracking. Being sure it’s compiled as part of the kernel, not as module, I paid no attention to the message. A couple of days ago I looked at config file and realized that conntrack stuff was not there. Moreover, it (among other components) was needed for Network Address Translation to be enabled. So, I ended up recompiling my kernel and now I can use internet on both of my machines. Solved.

2. “osaka-u” wireless network. For some reason it doesn’t send DNS addresses, although dhcp client. I don’t know how to make the dhclient script more “persuasive” in this matter so I will manually insert the DNS addresses for both networks and tell the script not to request them.

3. Web camera. I wanted to see if the camera would work in Skype under Windows (could not come up with any other application). I couldn’d test it earlier, because of the internet sharing proble (described in p. 1 above). Now, when I’m able to access internet from Windows, I installed Skype and saw my face on the webcam test screen. Next I have to make it work in Linux.

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