1. Web camera. I downloaded and compiled the driver (kernel module). It gets loaded and the camera is recognized, but I can’t get the image.
2. Printer. It prints properly up to a point (probably an image), after which it starts printing lines (covering only 20 or 25% of what it should). I printed only pdf files so far, but I don’t think this matters.
3. WiFi card. Desktop “freezes” if I remove the card. Inserting it back does not help…
4. Display. Rebooting, or switching to virtual console, after changing screen resolution results in display turning black. This is definitely a hardware problem, because it appeared after I updated BIOS. BTW, due to this issue I wouldn’t be able to install Windows, even if I wanted to.
5. “osaka-u” wireless network. I can tune to it, can get an IP address from DHCP, but dhclient does not set the address of the DNS server (as it does when connecting to another network) and I have to edit /etc/resolv.conf manually.
6. Local network. I can’t share internet connection with my other machine. All I know at this point is that it’s not because of the firewall.
7. Infrared port. This is not exactly a problem — my notebook has such a port, the module gets loaded and most probably works properly. I just can:t find any use for it.

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