At last Xorg-7.2 is compiled, installed, tried and found to be fit.
The automatic configuration script did not discover any new devices, so I just kept the old xorg.conf file and added a section for my Synaptics touchpad. Well, actually it was already there because I used to play with the touchpad driver before, so now I just uncommented it. Although the driver got loaded and behaved well (including tap-to-click and scrolling), I will probably get some graphical tool to adjust the parameters.
Besides this, I observed no other difference between versions, which is a good sign, because version 6.8.2 worked reliably.
X libraries don’t seem to mind the update. KDE somehow depends on the location of X. I could run it manually as a desktop manager, but session manager (with graphical login) got loaded automatically at runlevel 5 only after I created a “compatibility” link to /usr/X11R6. This means that Amr was right and I don’t need to rebuild Qt (which stays between KDE and X). Same is true for GTK — all GTK-based applications (like Firefox) run just as before.
I had no occasion to run Xfce with the new X. Shall I forego it and stick to KDE, saying “don’t fix it, if it ain’t broken”?
The last thing to be mentioned here is printing. Having my Epson PM880C print took some time and the result is not exactly stable. I’ll have to read more about postscript, filters etc.

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