Compiling Xorg-7.2 is much more trouble compared to version 6.8 that I have been using for ages.There is a whole bunch of small packages to be downloaded, unzipped, built and installed in a pretty much identical manner. Well, not that it was a surprise. It’s the cost of flexibily that modular structure brings.
Most of the job is already over, the only thing left is X drivers (whichare one of the reasons I headed for the whole adventure). I hope to get a better control of the touchpad (e.g. touchpad scrolling is still a sort of luxury for me, because the driver I had run with Xorg-6.8.2 did not behave properly). I also hope Amr was right and X libraries, like Qt and GTK, will accept the new X. However, there is a number of reasons — like the change of default destination directory from /usr/X11R6 to /usr — to suspect that transition is not going to be all that smooth.
An aside of the story is a usual complaint about higher hardware requirements that come together with new versions of familiar applications.

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